Sintra PVC Signs and Poster

A durable, lasting option for long-term indoor or short-term outdoor signage.

  • Full colour
  • Smooth, rigid plastic material
  • Resistant to water and minor damage
  • Surface is easy to wipe clean
  • Custom sizes available
  • Choose your substrate between our popular 1/8 thickness or upgrade to 1/4" Sintra/PVC 
  • Grommets only available for 1/8 Sintra/PVC 

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Size Width x Height (Ft)

Sintra/PVC comes it different thicknesses 1/8 (most popular) or 1/2" thick 







Lamination will add extra durability to signs that will be placed outside in the elements.  Not necessary for short term signage - signs are still waterproof without lamination. 


Printed full colour on the second side (please upload second side file even if it is the same) 

  • Grommets are used to help in hanging your sign 
  • Grommets can only be used on the 1/8 PVC not the 1/4


Get your order when you need it - orders placed after 1pm will be entered in next day's production. 

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