Foam Core Signs


  • The most commonly used 3/16” thickness is very durable and lightweight.
  • We also have Foam Core in ½” thickness for extra strength.
  • Ideal for single or double-sided printing.
  • Can be gloss laminated or given a dry-erase coating.
  • Grommets available for easy hanging


  • Foam Core is perfect as event signage, directional signage, wedding seating charts, art prints and much more.
  • Foam Core is also ideal for commercial applications like trade shows and business presentations.
  • Also, foam Core is widely used as a backing material for photographic prints and artwork.
  • Foam Core is an indoor material and not suitable for outdoor uses.
  • Versatile, Foam Core posters can easily be placed on an easel, hung on a wall or displayed in a picture frame.


  • Foam Core is a rigid, versatile and lightweight material made from paper and styrene foam which is ideally suited for indoor use.
  • Foam Core is strong. A 3ft. table sized piece of ½” foam core weighs less than 1 lb. but can support over 80 lbs.
  • Foam Core has a smooth, flat surface that lends itself to vivid colour images.
  • Easily cut into custom sizes and shapes such as circles.
  • Avoid over-handling of your Foam Core poster as it will dent under direct pressure. 

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