13oz Vinyl Banners

Our 13oz vinyl baners are extremely durable and cost effective.

13 oz Scrim Vinyl


Print Options:
Full Colour Single-Sided (4/0)


Additional Options:
Grommets, Sealed Edges, Pole Pockets


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Banners can be any width and up to 96" in height.


Banners can be printed in any width, but their height is restricted by material roll size.

Banners up to 60" high are considered "standard" banners.

Banners up to 96" high are considered "oversized" banners.

Metal ring grommets are used to help hang your sign.

A sealed edge folds additional bleed material over and secures it to the back of the banner, adding extra strength on the edges. This is the standard option for most banners.

A trimmed edge trims the banner to the edges without folding or sealing.

2" pole pocket loops are added to the banner for hanging. Does not include poles or mounting hardware.

Please ensure that your artwork contains additional bleeds to accomodate the pole pockets.

Not compatible with grommets. 

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